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03-12-23 by Atharv Paranjpe

Adopting keywords centric communication approach to support search ranking

Is your communication partner well verse in keyword centric approach ?

Adopting keywords centric communication approach to support search ranking


As the social media is one of the popular and fastest medium to reach your customers or the particular target audience through the websites, portals or the page on social media. In order to make this reach more effective and quick the ‘Keywords’ plays an important role for any PR agency.

These key words can be highlighted through titles, descriptions, headings and content, images titles, hashtags, metatags and URLs. These keywords can be used within the content naturally and sensibly without disturbing the content of the page or site.

Using Keywords in your content majorly covers one of the essential target, that is reaching your audience easily. Hence, this also helps to examine yourself through search engine rankings on any social mediums (for eg. Google). To make keywords search more productive and informative, following are the points to be noted while presenting the content with keywords.

Know your customers well:

Before understanding the search rankings, its also important to study the search behaviour of your customers, once you understand the same the further process gets easy. Therefore, before creating the keywords knowing your customers behaviour and how it keeps changing is necessary to gain good search rankings.


How to use Keywords:

Use the keywords which are often used by the customers, which are relevant to your business and clients demand and need. Hence, the words which are often typed by the customers in search engine is considered as keywords.


Updating the content often:

Updating content regularly, is necessary as the new updates, ideas and products helps to encourage the customers and develops more confidence and trust within them to approach easily. Mainly updating content helps to refreshing the search engine and increases frequencies of visit to the website.

At present, the digital media is noticed with constant changes and new updates. While, the Public Relation is more about the communication, where the team is always look forward choosing most popular, easy and advanced way of platform to reach maximum audience in less time. Hence, this cam go well with effective marketing skills. Therefore Keywords research or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PR go hand in hand giving more successful results.