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27-09-23 by Atharv Paranjpe

Importance of timely synchronize to new way of communication (Digital PR)

With the changing time and period, the way of communication has also changed. Moreover, the pandemic situation has given more acquaintance to the digitalization, to tackle the business and communication on digital platform. This has helped to continue the business activities and communication by keeping an individual safe and saving the time.

The access of internet and social media have changed the style of customers behavior and the ways of conducting the business strategies. The digital PR is one of these platforms of conducting business, which gives opportunity for social and digital marketing and ultimately improving marketing skills with creative ideas, reaching maximum people in less time and single platform, also by improving brand awareness and increased of sales.

Gloocal communications has too adapted the skills of digital PR and idea of social media marketing, which finely focuses on its sub-keys like digital content marketing, SMM marketing and advertising.  

Builds brand identity:

Digital PR mainly focuses on building the Brand’s identity, on both online and offline platform. The success stories of your client or customer and their experiences helps us to highlight the positive side and building good image of their business. Coming up with creative ideas, increasing brand identity and awareness is easier and more convenient to put forth through digital PR.

Press releases:

Publishing success stories, case studies and better experiences in media through press release, always helps to create awareness among the people by building confidence about the product or brand. Highlighting milestones, events or product launch can always help to reach the target audiences easily.


Following are the keys to improve a client’s presence on digital platform:

-      Preparing online press releases. Building good rapport with the online journalists and blog writers for better presence of client.  

-      Setting up business profiling, organizing online interviews and contents for the media coverage.

-      Creating optimized press releases and relevant links representing information about the client’s brand. This boots the search rankings and also secures your website from traffic blogs and various news sites.

-      Time to time coming up with different contents and blogs and publishing on the websites helps to seek more readers attention, wider reputation and high quality back links.


Gloocal communications, have always focused on adapting all digital PR strategies as mentioned above. Our team majorly focuses on having a clear of the target audience, which is one of the essential steps we tie up the PR ship with any particular client. Besides, interaction among the social media to analyze which community of audience is interested in the brand. Accordingly we list out the media publications or web portals to highlight the clients brand building, success stories, case studies and so on.