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Digital PR

Digital PR Agency is all about combining traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search transforming static news into conversations and bypassing media to speak directly to your target audience online. News can be spread further, faster, and more directly to a specific target audience than ever before in history. It allows us to maximize news like never before. Instead of being satisfied with a single placement, your news can be shared exponentially.

Digital Pr Agency is a tactic by brands to increase their online presence through building relationships, with key content writers and online journalist to gain press hits, or citations and high quality back links. Digital Pr when done properly increases a brand’s reach and visibility in turn has a positive effect on search engine visibility through effective onsite SEO, driving increased real traffics. Digital Pr increases trust ad credibility. It’s one of those phrases that have been buzzing around the industry for some time.

There are two main origins of today's ‘Digital PRs’. The former is the traditional publicist. Now let’s stay away from the Ab Fab stereotypes for one moment; these PRs are hardworking opportunists working the phones, pitching their client at every meal, submitting their self-written press releases and articles to every relevant journalist on behalf of their clients.

Digital Pr Company is all about combining proven, traditional PR practices, with a laser focus online and the latest in creative content marketing and social campaigns. Our Digital PR has the added benefit of integrating with SEO, as a smarter link building services to improve organic visibility. These measurable, digital tactics provide our client with tangible results and insight.

Traditional PRs have a tendency to be in love with print, but they’re happy to get coverage on websites and deal with social influencers if it benefits their clients. Their craft is traditionally offline, so the digital revolution has been a quick learning curve for the older generation of PRs. There are a few differences between the two. In reality, one could say that digital PR is just traditional PR expanded and eventually onsite and offsite PR will be covered by the same term.

However, Digital PR Company is still relatively new and there is a gap missing between the two, this is likely to remain while traditional PR tries to catch up to the fast moving world of digital. But I predict the gap will be closed soon.

Digital PR includes

Publish Articles
Bloggers Meet
Online Review
Social Media Management
Manage Blog’s

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Gloocal Communications operates as a node of influencer management and a narrative to create, improve and amplify brand favorability and reputation management. We do this through a deep understanding of how people form their opinion and the impact of social forces in the industry.

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