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GLOOCAL Communications is a PR agency based in Mumbai specialising in media relations and believing in cost effective strategies. We, as a PR agency, have a robust team of PR consultants backed by relevant industry experience. As a PR agency, our emphasis is on meeting deadlines along with providing fresh & creative approach to every PR initiative.

To be one of the Best Public Relations agency in Mumbai it is essential to put the brand at the top of mind for your target customers so that, when they are ready to buy, your brand makes the initial short list for consideration. A PR should know to react quickly to crisis, create long-term strategy based on sound PR fundamentals in a changing media environment and competitive market for services.

Working with any PR agency provides it with an entire team specialized in delivering media results. They work with other professionals internally to gather ideas, share press contacts and create content. However, this is difficult to achieve with a single PR hire at your company. The best PR agency in Mumbai know how to recognize that strategy is the first step to success and leads to tactical execution of good strategy that starts with goals.

All the best PR agency in Mumbai requires brand and product knowledge and most importantly, access to the right internal people for both strategy and execution. Only an internal PR person makes this possible. This combination of in-house and PR firm is not always possible. The principles of strong communications haven’t changed, but the way campaigns are executed is evolving in the new media age. Interactive media is leveling the playing field and the rules of success are still emerging.

Many organizations are moving from Digital PR to multimedia broadcast PR, With the help of Digital PR that promises faster, more effective PR by driving online visibility of your press release to thousands of media web sites and blogs. But the most successful online public relations practitioners don’t just distribute press releases and wait for the phone to ring. They take the time up front to develop thoughtful communications strategies and tactics that make their messages stand out.

To be sure, Digital PR is fast becoming a cornerstone of strong PR strategy that includes an understanding of Search Engine Optimisation, social media, and communicating with bloggers. While the fundamentals of PR remain intact, the rules of engagement are changing. Press releases are becoming video news releases, for example, and corporate events are broadcast over the Internet.

The rise of multimedia and Digital PR gives public relations professionals new ways to reach target audiences in non-traditional settings. At the same time, broadcast PR is driving relevant, strategic placements on television, radio and the Internet.