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An Offline Public Relations firm follows the same format and production process that matches with the online PR but the distribution and publishing of news are worlds apart. Creating awareness through public issues and increasing brand royalty are what Offline PR focuses on. Although, the format and production process of online and Offline PR does not differ dramatically. It involves, organising and running events for journalists and bloggers that develop interactive elements and create a positive image for a brand or product.

Offline PR often uses tactics like media relations, speaking at conferences, offering contests and contributed articles to generate publicity with print, radio, TV, events, conferences and other “real life” venues. Working with any Offline PR firm provides it with an entire team specialized in delivering media results. They work with other professionals internally to gather ideas, share press contacts and create content. However, this is difficult to achieve with a single PR hire at your company.

When pitching to get offline PR content with a print journalist, make sure to check their editorial calendar to see if there are any planned story opportunities. Tailor your pitch to the upcoming story or theme to increase your chances for success. The rules of what makes a story newsworthy for offline PR should be mirrored online. Press releases must always be topical, relevant and of interest. Offline PR requires brand and product knowledge and most importantly, access to the right internal people for both strategy and execution. Only an internal PR person makes this possible.

Traditional media remains one of the best places to get your message in front of your target audience and the growth in niche publications has made segmentation easier than ever. TV is going strong and provides a great platform for both traditional and Offline PR. Press releases have long been used by companies with a message to get out and the digital era has catapulted these into the 21st century. By combining these releases with print efforts, marketers can ensure greater coverage for Offline PR. Connecting with the local community and encouraging regional or industry-specific publications to cover your news.

An Offline Public Relation Firm’s focus is offline visibility, involving the production of press releases (usually for print media). Organising press conferences and events also plays a part. Offline PR firm convey information to a wider audience, makes the communication one way.

Offline PR includes

Press Conference
Press Release dissemination
Article placement
Industry Participation
Event – Launch / Tie up
Content development

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