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About Fashion PR

Unlike other Public relations and Communications agency, when it comes to fashion, it is a must for those who are part of the Fashion PR agency to have an interest in Fashion. But, similar interest in the field one works is essential, be it hospitality, entertainment or lifestyle. To work in the fashion industry it is essential to develop an interest in the business of fashion and also be interested in how the industry is evolving.

Just by being social and always available on Instagram, the purpose of being a Fashion PR may not be served. Earlier Public relations was not just about going to parties and being the face of a particular brand for the media. The only focus of a Fashion PR Agency was to work with honesty and ensure a clean image of the brand is portrayed. Students join their first job as PR expecting to attend parties and be very social nowadays. But, in those days such socializing was looked down upon.

In the last decade, the fine line between PR and marketing has blurred, few years ago, just hosting a fashion show and featuring an album of the designer’s show was enough. But, today, media and content creation have gained momentum to paid content. This is where the role of Gloocal Communications, the leading PR agency in Mumbai is learning to have a clear understanding of Fashion along with Marketing. This will help in suggesting the client about the marketing plan and PR strategies.

Gloocal Communications, the leading PR Agency in Mumbai works to put into words the designer’s creativity and showcase it to the world. A PR from the fashion industry has to be able to believe in the vision of the designer and work towards it irrespective of it being for a commercial brand or a more niche designer brand. Many a times, designers show a greater level of creativity than PR, it is essential to notice and understand the needs and vision of the designers.

It is imperative to focus on the designers; they are the foundation of the fashion industry. Business partners and other people with various skills are also a part of the industry but without designers fashion wouldn’t exist. As a PR Agency, we help these designers to not only get a platform to exhibit themselves but also to project the designers and create a brand value for them.