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About Public Relations

What Is Public Relations?

Online Media has expanded over the years, it has also given more importance to Public Relations. With more and more individuals eager to join Public relations, the question-what is Public Relations arises? Within PR, there are options to work in an agency or within a larger company's communications department. Smaller firms are very generalist, but corporates have various departments such as investor relations, public affairs, labour relations, crisis management and so on. What is Public Relations is a common query as the job in this field is ever changing and every client is different.

Role of Public Relations?

Gloocal Communications has within a short period of time managed to spread its wings and create a multi domain experience that helps offer a comprehensive and cutting edge approach to deliver maximum impact in terms of developing brand image. The role of Public Relations is to offer strategic advice on image management and come up with innovative media opportunities. The role of PR agency is to create exposure in key media vehicles and suggest the best options to the client. Public Relations plays the role to involve all aspects of the communications process from strategic planning and message development to local media relations and digital branding.